Beyond Prejudice!

Dear beloved friends, As I read through Exodus chapter 1. I
found very interesting points and I would like to share with you.

Exodus chapter 1 is and an opening for exodus narrative.
Book of Exodus literary style is purely narrative.

The first 5 verses tell us the number Israel’s descendants
entered and stayed there in Egypt.  It is
a bridge for Genesis and Exodus.

In verse 6, the narrative setting a stage saying that,
Joseph and his generations are died, and Israelites were fruitful and
multiplied greatly and became exceedingly numerous, and the land was filled by

Throughout the Pentateuch, there is one important theology
are running through. It is called Blessing and Cursing Theology. This theology
is directly under the covenant made to Abraham and Israel. God said to Abraham
that, God will bless those blesses Abraham and his descendants and curse those
curses Abraham and his descendants.

This is why in Exodus chapter 1, there are three attempts
made by the New King of Egypt to eradicated Israelites. These three attempts
are curses in action. Sometimes we think that cursing is only by words, in
scripture, it also can be by an action or deeds that you do to others with
wrong or sinful intentions or motives.


The King feared that the Israelites multiplied and became
numerous. (in verses 8-10) He even feared that these Israelites will joined
force with Egyptians enemies and fight against them and leave the country. Out
of the fear of losing their authority, ruling power and fame, the King launch
first attempt. The King’s first attempt was to put slave masters over them to
oppress them with forced labour, and they built Pithom and Rameses as store
cities for Pharaoh. (vs11) The more these Israelites are oppressed with forced
labour, the more they multiplied and spread. The more God’s people are
oppressed and discriminated; God will always bless them and turn the curses
into blessings. This is why in the first attempt, Pharaoh was not successful; this
is because God blesses the Israelites more abundantly.


The second attempt was even greater than the first one. Pharaoh
ordered the Hebrew midwives, whose names were Shiphrah and Puah, to kill all
male babies while they observe them on delivery stool. Pharaoh attempting to eradicated
the Israelites by killing the male babies. But God didn’t allow that happen, He
wants the Israelites to grow in numbers as He promised Abraham.

The midwives feared the Lord and didn’t do what was Pharaoh
commanded to them.  God was kind to the midwives
and the people of Israel became even more numerous.

THIRD ATTEMPT/ CURSE – Vs 22 and Onwards

Then Pharaoh gave an order to throw every boy who is born
into river Nile. As we went through the first and second attempt that Pharaoh
deed to the Israelites, we found out that God was blessing His children more
abundantly and turning the curses into blessings. At the third attempt, new
legend is born to deliver these Israelites from the bondage. The third attempt to
throw all the male children into the Nile was a new beginning to a new legend
where God turn this curse into a great blessing for the Israelites. This is why
in the second chapter of Exodus, the story tells us about the birth of the
deliverer or the legend, MOSES. The third attempt to curse and eradicate the
Israelites was not successful, because God involve directly in delivering these
people from the hand of evil and selfish Egyptians. Book of Exodus continues to
tell us how God involve in leading this people from Egypt into a new nation.

Dear Friends, do not worry if there is any racism or
discriminations are happening to you. The more people are envy on you and your
people, and planned all the evil things to eradicate or to step on you… God
will turn all of that into a blessings and God will involve in delivering you
from these kinds of people.  God will
bless those blesses you and curse those who curses you. God bless you.