Jesus and John The Baptist


In Gospel of Matthew, the first chapter lists the genealogy of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus there were fourteen generations from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the CHRIST. (Matthew 1: 17)

If we look carefully the lines that Jesus came from has two main lines and they are intertwined. First and the major line is the MESSIANIC LINE. The other line that is intertwined or in the MESSIANIC LINE is the ROYAL LINE (Lion of Judah).

On the other hand, we have John the Baptist. Who is from two important line in the Bible history. John the Baptist comes from the PROPHETIC LINE and PRIESTLY LINE. The Prophetic line does not necessarily have to follow the bloodline, whereas the priestly line follows bloodline. John has them both. He is coming in the prophetic line as well as the priestly line. Let us pause for awhile and ponder on these two lines. Prophetic lines have been actively proclaimed the salvation of mankind and have introduced the Messiah/the Anointed One. The Priestly line was appointed by God to prepare Israelites mind on the promised coming Saviour through the sanctuary cultus and symbols. The Sanctuary and all the worship rituals and sacrifices are pointing to the coming promised Messiah the Lamb of God.

In John 1:29, John the Baptist as the representative of both Priestly line and the Prophetic line is preparing people and pointing to Jesus and said, Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”In this statement from John, it explains to us that the fulfillment of the two major lines, the priestly and the prophetic took place at the river Jordan. John is the meeting point of these two lines. Furthermore, at this same point in the history,  when John the Baptist mentioned the above statement, the priestly and the prophetic, the Messianic and the Royal lines met in one place. This meeting point in the history was witnessed by the God the Father and the Holy Spirit. This witnessing act established and acknowledged by introducing of one ultimate line that comes down from heaven.

This ultimate line that comes down from heaven is above all the lines I mentioned earlier. In John 1::34, John the Baptist testifies that the Spirit of the Lord rested upon Lord Jesus in the form of the dove. Then John the Baptist heard the voice from heaven says that Jesus is the SON of GOD. This is the ultimate line and is called DIVINITY LINE.

Therefore, the two lines that represented by John the Baptist are Prophetic and Priestly lines. On the other hand, Jesus represented three major lines. Messianic, Royal and Divinity line. In John 1, all these five lines met at the river Jordan on Jesus’ baptism. All the directions of the lines are pointing to our Saviour Jesus Christ. These lines are not only pointing towards Him, but they merged in Lord Jesus Christ. This is why Lord Jesus is above all Kings, above all priests, above all anointed ones, and SON OF GOD. The Lord Jesus is our only hope and the salvation is only through Him. God bless you.



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