Smoldering Wick!

He will not break a bruised reed,
and He will not put out a smoldering wick;
He will faithfully bring justice.” HCSB – #Isaiah 42:3

On my previous blog, entitled “Bruised Reeds“, I intend to give special attention to the Book of Isaiah and especially on Bruised Reeds. Today, I would like to share and enlighten
the readers on the phrase “#Smoldering Wick“.

I would like to draw your attention to the verse, ” He will not put out a smoldering wick“. (Isaiah 42:3) In other words, the text is saying that a smoldering wick will not be extinguished. The Servant of the Lord or Messiah will not extinguish the smoldering wick. The message communicated by this phrase is a little different than the bruised reed. While I was typing this blog, the lights went out and electricity went off. This reminds me of my childhood experience, it is where we will light up kerosene lamp or candle when the electricity went off. I still remember, when the kerosene lamp running low of oil, the light begins to flickmy 075er. Before the light goes out totally, the light begins to grow dim and it begins to smolder. It will burn with the smoke and no flame. If you were standing near, the smoke would probably get in your eyes.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, it is just like the reeds, the smoldering wick represents people too. These are those people who started out well in spiritual things. Their lives were burning brightly with amazing spiritual brightness. Once, they had a good relationship with the lord and they were on fire for God. During the course of months or years, the oil begins to go out. The light begins to flicker. At this moment, their relationship with the Lord #Jesus had become faint and flickering. Yes, there is some spiritual life left, but  not so much of it. It is just about to go out totally.

Isaiah says that #Jesus came not to put off light and go to bed. It is not His desire to destroy the little faith that is left in us. It is His desire to trim the wick, to add oil to the lamp, and fan the flame. It is not His desire to quench the light but to bring it back to greater strength than ever before. There might be different ways that our relationship with the Lord may begin to flicker. It might be because of the sins that encroached into our lives. It might be because of the pride or selfishness sprouted in our heart. It might be because of the notorious politics and mediocre leadership in the church. Maybe it is the neglect of spiritual duties, such as personal prayer, family prayer, Bible studies, and Church attendance. It can be any reasons for our spiritual life begins to flutter.  Jesus has not come to put out the flickering flame of your life. He wants:

  • To Fan the Flame
  • To Give more Oil – in the form of Holy Spirit
  • Light to burning brighter than ever
  • To Revive your Soul

These are the things Jesus wants to do for you and for these reasons that He came to this world. Lord Jesus came to you who
are smoldering wick, to bring the light back in your life and to REVIVE your SOUL.


(Photo by Robert J Agustin)


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