While They are Yet Sinners!

cropped-cropped-img_8619.jpgHere is a question worth pondering: If Jesus would not throw the first stone, why should you? It’s all-too easy to crave the grace of God for yourself while withholding it from someone else. One of the highest duties of church leaders is to create the climate of unconditional love in the church – to make it plain that God loves every sinner while they are yet sinners. Whether or not we treat people as Jesus did is not optional. “If we love one another,” John reminds us, “God abides in us.”

Ask these questions about your church.

  • Do we truly want lost people here?
  • Are they safe here?
  • Do we truly love and respect one another?
  • Are we safe here?

As followers of Jesus, we are to live by faith, but be known by our love. Make sure the other habits are in place, create and tenaciously protect the culture of healthy relationships, and watch your conversions soar.

And by the way, every church stops growing when the price gets too high. (Ron Gladden)

(Photo By Robert J Agustin)



One thought on “While They are Yet Sinners!

  1. I wish Gladden were still with the church, but alas. The high cost of discipleship never keeps believers out, but it did keep some believers from sharing, and that neglect of duty transforms them slowly into unbelievers.


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