Cast Your Burden!

Psalm 55:22  

The desire to run away from difficult circumstances to the “greener pastures” on the other side of the river is not new or unique. It’s far too common and I bet every one of us feel the same way too. There is no place for us to escape troubles and problems in our life. The moment when we are trying to solve one, there will be another one emerging.

“Cast your cares on the Lord”. Pastor and Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll has a unique way of teaching people to cast their burdens on the Lord. Whenever he leads tour to the Holy Land, he stops at the Sea of Galilee, where the group board a boat for the 9-mile trip across. Prior to the boarding, he asks everyone to pick up a rock and let it symbolize the heaviest burden on their heart that day. As they sailed half way across the Sea of Galilee they drop anchor, where Swindoll asks them to cast their burden (their rock) into the water. When people from the tour get home, they often mention that moment as their fondest memory.

What does it mean to “cast your burden”? The Hebrew word “cast” in Psalm 55:22 is the word shalak. Strong’s Concordance has an interesting explanation that the verb form in this verse is Hiphil, which is causative-active form of verb. That means the heaviest burden we are carrying, which caused by someone or some incident in our life, we should throw it to the Lord than to carry the burden to ourselves. In other words, the burdens that we carried are no more ours and it is the Lord’s.  This is why Swindol asked the people in the tour to pick up a rock and symbolize the heaviest burden on their heart and throw it in to the water.

I invite you to cast that heaviest burden on your heart to the Lord. Whatever your burden, cast it on Him. You will find relief and experience Jesus to be the great Burden Bearer.

Verse to reflect: “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall”. Psalm 55:22

Prayer: Father, I have a burden on my heart, I know you are stronger and powerful than me, please carry it for me. Help me to sustain and stand firm in you. Amen

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